katie baldwin

i think i secretly would love to live in olympia, wa. that's got to be why i love buyolympia.com so much. but i also think it's cool that the two movers and shakers of buyolympia.com started up because they wanted to help their pals sell their stuff. and now it's grown to representing handmade goods from all over, not just olympia. the idea is cool. there really should be a buyminneapolis.com

anyway, the point is that i came across printmaker katie baldwin.

i like these three color screen print posters she did with marisha simons. the watery blue pops so nicely against the browns and blacks. water and una bicicleta are both $45 a piece.

i also love her dental record letterpress notecards. to quote: "what happens to your old dental records? they become your next note card. these blank note cards are the perfect way to say "thanks" or "happy birthday" or "hey, you owe me six thousand dollars and i really could use it." $2 each.

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  1. I love buyolympia too! And I agree, someone should start one for Minneapolis/St Paul too.


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