to bookend yesterday's post, i wanted to share sub-studio's abyssal print i received a few weeks ago by mail:

i've been into all things nautical/east coast since i read this when i was a wee lass:

recently in the heart of the sea by nathaniel philbrick has inspired me to plan a trip to the east coast with sm in august. nantucket is on the list.

i can't wait to frame my new whale print for the hallway. you can find sub-studio's print, abyssal for just $30 at the sub-studio design store. they'll throw in a few extra goodies with your order, too.


  1. Libby!

    If you are a fan of all things lovely you may absolutely adore the artist Kelly Tunstall. Exploration of the lady world has these girls dressed in burlesque costumes, mermaids, princesses, and ruling the ever changing monsters. The evolution of her material has come around nicely, sure to be around for years to come.
    On-line Log

    Hope you enjoy!
    Stephanie Marie
    Explosives and Expressives Collected Along the Way.

  2. hi libby, thanks for the mention and i hope you enjoy the print :)


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