every day is earth day: bags

i wanted to gear up for earth day by sharing some organic/raw/green finds, but my list could be endless. then i realized, every day is earth day! so i'll share and share until i stop.

the pretty:

the kerstel bag is made of leather recycled from vintage leather jackets, the bug's pouch is made of organic cotton that is hand spun, woven and dyed in a fairtrade cooporative and who could resist this sweet deer clutch? no one! all three are from sodafine, a brooklyn based shop committed to featuring handmade and eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

jack & marjorie make these gorgeous bags out of recycled military surplus materials and vintage fabrics. what a history to carry around something made from an old military tent and parachute! find them here and here.

the cute/utilitarian:

this is the ultimate eco-bag. who new al gore and fashion would be in the same sentence...ever? inspired by his activism, hayden-harnett created the friends of al eco-tote, a 100% cotton tote printed with all natural pigments. and not only is it adorable it gets more eco-friendly: hayden-harnett donates $25 from each sale to al's global warming charities and plants 10 trees through american forests.

based out of portland, maine, this nautical sea bag is made from recycled sailcloth.

cool recycled newspaper tote by raw bags. i think i spotted it in elle this month.

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