i stumbled upon kiosk through dwell magazine and it's a bizarre entity that boggles the mind. the premise is easy enough: part humble design showcase, part travel portrait, part general store, kiosk opened in 2005 as part of salvor studio in soho, ny. it rotates "interesting things from interesting countries" to celebrate the simplicity of utilitarian design aesthetic, from lengths of rope to popcorn in a bag to trash cans to various kitchen utensils, these products are essential to daily life in whatever particular country they've traveled to recently (i.e. lederhosen=germany). a breath of fresh air, i say, and so simple and uncommon it almost seems out of place in our over-saturated, over-marketed design environments. back to basics, as they say.


  1. I have searching for those little clips forEVER. So I am glad you found them ... did you know where they come from? have you ever seen them anywhere else? Thank you so much



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