thrift finds + apartment peeks

i wanted to post a few of my pre-easter thrifting finds in their new homes (plus a few pics of some apartment corners). lately i'm into really getting rid of stuff that i'm just not into any more, but of course replacing those things with sweet touches that i really love. a rotating exhibition, if you will. and it sort of rides on the coattails of sfgirlbybay's mantra of not needing to spend a lot to make a big (or little) impact.

above, you can see i've added a new tray i found at hunt & gather for $6. below, a $2.50 rooster tray and an $8 enamel letter "o" are both "new."

kd's parents also dropped off some furniture from her great-great aunt helen's old place. we've aquired a new little bookshelf in our "studio/dining space" and rows of mason jars. i picked up the typewriter for around $5 at a garage sale a few summers ago. the leaf sculpture is from patina and the little alphabet cards are from an antiques place for .50 a piece. kd's lime tree as a little lime (we can't believe it!) after a hard winter of barely watering.

great-great aunt helen's wicker patio chair and braided rug are really sweet additions to the awkward space between our living room and door to the porch.


  1. What is that lovely print with the Einstein quote... Or is it needlework?

  2. it's a letterpress poster from studio ON FIRE in minneapolis at a poster show called the poster offensive. i don't think they're available anymore, but you could certainly contact studio ON FIRE and see. you never know!


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