50th post: charley harper

i am in love with charley harper's work. in love. i don't even need to explain. and i must have been subconsciously in love back in the day, too, the love has just resurfaced with the new todd oldham-edited book charley haper: an illustrated life from ammo books (via this month's dwell). good god, the urge to splurge is tempting. there's a nice little interview here from dwell last april.

and check this: he has a myspace page!? coolest dude on the planet. at 84, he's still making art. what an inspiration (i secretly think we're kindrid spirits because we both grew up on farms and make art, but i could be so lucky to be so successful!)

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  1. If there were ever a reason to save one's pennies this is it. What an amazing looking book! Oh piggy bank fill up quick, mama needs a great big $200 book:) Thanks for sharing.


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