may day = naked & angry + luce update

i stumbled across naked & angry over at emma's blog yesterday. these beautiful patterns are a very nice way to welcome may. based out of chicago, naked & angry features products created from winning pattern designs, choosing five new designs every season for a new product line (i.e. wallpaper, ties, pillows). for series two, they've got hand screened wallpaper that is just gorgeous for $65 a double roll. so cool for an entry way or kitchen cabinets or inside a closet. they've got a great pattern design blog, too. check them out!

on another note, i officially have my stuff up at pizza luce! kd and i hung most of it last night. i need to go in this morning for some tweaking, but if you're in town check it out. they're at 3200 lyndale ave s., mpls. i've even ordered a pack of moo cards that are still in transit for interested parties to take (and hopefully call me and buy a bunch). so, horray for may! (pee es: pictures soon!)

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  1. What a great blog you have here! I'll immediately add it to my blog roll!

    And thanks for the link!


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