it's pop to me

happy independence day!

i remember having a friend in grade school who's family had moved to maine. when he came back to minnesota to visit, he told us about the "is it pop or is it soda?" debate he would have with the maine school kids. they'd say, "but it doesn't 'pop'!" and he, the midwesterner, would reply, "well, it doesn't 'soda' either."

lately, i'm all about reclaiming my midwestern-ness. hells yes, it's called pop! and i eat hotdish, not casserole or hash or whatever. and, so what if my vowels are a little long? this is why i love lekkner's very cool pop to me t-shirt and pop cozies. because it is pop to me!

have a happy 4th, bbq style!


  1. the craziest one for me are those that call all soft drinks "cokes". What kind of coke do you want? I would like a Sprite, please.

    I don't get that. :)

  2. ha I love those cozies! I'm a chicagoan living in nyc, and struggle with these all the time. Other funny ones are sneakers vs. gym shoes and how East Coasters call pizza "pies" instead of just pizza.

  3. oh, totally the gym shoes thing!

    and! thanks for the tip about the east coas "pies" thing. i'm heading there in a few weeks so i'll be sure to remember...


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