now that's a good beard!

oh the glory that is a good beard! oh the wonderful-ness of ashely g! look at what she has done now: a series called bearded guys available through gallery revisited. i like these little red headed fellas the best (tom, david and fisherman jack).


  1. Just got back from Bar Harbor, ME and it's one of my favorite places ever! My husband & I got married there last year. Do you like hiking? If yes, you are in for a treat-- there are lots of hikes from easy (Gorham Mountain is a good easy hike with good views of the ocean) to more challenging (the Beehive is a short hike but has rungs, ladders, etc. and so a bit precipitous and Fun! in my opinion) and I would advocate hiking down the back of the Beehive to the Bowl- a really pretty, peaceful mountain lake. Hiking up to Cadillac Mtn (the tallest on the island) is great fun but longer, about 1/2 day hike; you can also drive up- the views- if it is a clear day- are fantastic. If you have time head over to the western side of the island- the towns of Somesville, Southwest Harbor, Bass Harbor are really pretty and Bass Harbor particularly is very typical Maine lobsterfishing town. Bass Harbor has the BEST lobster pound on the island- called Thurston's. A definite must if you like/want to get lobster (not exactly cheap though!). Bass Harbor lighthouse is really pretty too. I have never stayed anywhere in Bar Harbor but my in-law's house, but you should be able to find something reasonable, especially if you look outside of Bar Harbor, which is the most touristy town on the island. There are lots of campgrounds too if you are into that, our friends liked the Seawall campground (but they don't take reservations, it's 1st come, 1st serve). I've got a number of travel tips and stuff over on Virtual Tourist, which are welcome to check out! Have fun!

  2. awe.some.

    we are actually staying at a pretty cheap b&b in bass harbor. i'm excited to see some lobsters up close and personal! thanks for the hiking tips and link!

  3. No problem! I'm glad you are staying in Bass Harbor, I prefer the western side of the island, myself.


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