snowbound necessity three: thermals

call them what you will: thermal underwear, thermals or longjohns, they are most definitely a winter necessity. if you're snowed in, you need to wear them under everything while you shovel out. lounging around in them after is sweet respite from your hard work and in this case, some variation of onesies or footie pajamas will do. sleeping in them on sub-zero nights keeps you warm and comfy. just don't be like charlie.

[photograph by iris o'connor]

score some old school vintage thermal long johns from els & vintage or wool long john onesie from hazey jane vintage on etsy.

modern day adult sleepwear from toddy, complete with hoodies.

a where the wild things are max pajama suit would do in a pinch.

john smedley has a 226 year history of making fine winter warmers out of their world renown sea island cotton.
long johns are said to be named after boxer big john sullivan, who in 1982 said he never wore anything but while in the ring. he got his from john smedley.

don't forget baby.

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