winter walk

didn't mean to take a blogging break yesterday but my laptop had an appointment with the mac geniuses and now he's all fixed. taking a walk is better than sitting on the computer anyway, right? more precipitation in mpls (i know right, this has been a winter's winter). i love being the first one to walk on the freshly fallen snow and also to spy the tracks of wildlife in the city. so i got out my trusty valenkis and saw what i could see down by the creek.

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  1. seriously, those boots are magic. russian serf boots from hundreds of years ago - a friend who spent time in russia said people would laugh at me because i thought they were hip and they think they are utilitarian. well, they are utilitarian: they are the warmest and the most comfortable boots ever! and i wear them without the golashi as slippers inside.

    i used to get them from another vendor under 'valenki rus' but they've since disappeared so i had to get my second pair (after my first were lost in the fire) from akaculture.com. i took of the embroidered logo and like them much better :)


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