baking bread

there was a great article in last month's msl on chad robertson of tartine bakery. they included a recipe for tartine country bread from the new book, which i would love to try, but keeping that starter week after week seems like it would turn into a chore. you must be committed! however, fresh bread every week does sound like some kind of heaven. the recipe for the bread and a week's worth of meals over as msl.

these photos are from the selby, who visited the bakery and chad and elizabeth's home for a nyt feature.  i think it would be sort of magical to work in a bakery, rising early every morning to bake.


  1. Mmm Bread! Thanks for the info and links. That pic makes me hungry hehe. I went over to Martha's site, Chads recipe for Cinnamon Breadcrumb-Sprinkled Ice Cream looks and sounds great, I will be trying that out soon. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Libby, I wanted to let you know how much I love your blog, and you inspired my latest post:

    wanted to let you be aware I linked to you as well. Thanks & looking forward to more posts to read on your blog. Take care!

  3. Actually, keeping starter is not difficult and only takes a minute or two here and there after it is brewed. You don't have to make huge quantities of it either. I've had my starter stored in the fridge for over five years and tend to it briefly to give it a stir or feed it occasionally. When I want to make bread with it, I bring it to room temperature and feed it according to how much I will need for the particular bread recipe. I've been baking bread for about 30 years and it seems to work!

  4. Thanks so much Tiffany!

    Wow, thanks Jill! I've never baked bread before, so it seems overwhelming - it's awesome to know that it's that easy! I appreciate the tips!


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