girly show

cate blanchett in givenchy, photo: lucy nicholson/reuters

gotta have my girly moment with the 2011 oscar dresses. anne hathaway's handful of costume changes were gorgeous, but my favorite is cate blanchett's givenchy gown. i did like melissa leo's dress, but don't know if i should...amy adams was gorgeous! and natalie portman was cute as a preggo button. jennifer hudson was looking great in that color, but maybe too much cleave? 

did you watch the oscars last night? what did you think? 

melissa leo in marc bauwer, photo: frazer harrison/getty; amy adams in l 'wren scott, photo: matt sayles/ap

natalie portman in rodarte, photo: john shearer/getty ; jennifer hudson in versace, photo: jason merritt/getty


  1. I particularly liked the red violet lacy Dolce & Gabbana gown that Scarlett Johansson wore. It's gotten a lot of criticism in the media, but I loved the colors and thought it was refreshingly eclectic with a vintage vibe.
    -Heidi in Folk City

  2. you know, that dress grew on me. and her hair looked awesome from the side, but not from the front (when she was presenting). love her.

  3. Wow, Jennifer Hudson does look great but super awkward boobage...

    Love your Melissa Leo and Amy Adams picks- so glam.

  4. Thanks Sam -

    I think Leo got some flack for her dress, but I think it's pretty dope (better if it were short though!)


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