i wanna write you a letter

21 year old andy warhol writes a bio for harper's magazine in 1949

thoroughly addicted to letters of note, a site dedicated to showcasing fascinating correspondence, often providing behind the scenes looks at iconic events. there is always a bit of background info to provide context. so great. here are some of my favorites (so far!)

[thanks for the link scott.]

a product marketing manager for campbell's soup writes to mr. warhol

funny rejection letter from mad magazine

hugh hefner writes to a fan who requested the first issue of playboy

then unknown mr. coppola asks lee marvin to be in his picture, pre-brando


  1. omg when i was semi-fresh out of college, i applied to mad magazine and got a really cool rejection letter! i just realized, upon seeing this, that i threw out ALL of my old rejection letters LAST WEEK without looking at them... and without remembering about the mad one.


    great post!

  2. I so love the one to Warhol. Thats to cool. I bookmarked the site. Thanks for sharing!

    Tiffany Layden-Ooley

  3. dig through the recycling, blissful chick!


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