pinkshirtsandcarwrecks collection: japanese stoneware mugs

i'm a collector and much to steve's dismay, when i get into something i really get into it. i really like 70s stoneware mugs and have amassed quite a collection, (more than i have hooks).  i've started selling a few in my vintage shop for that very reason.

made in japan, most have a relief design or hand painted pattern and often are speckled. we have open shelving in the kitchen and like to see them hanging there all in a row. my absolute favorite is the yellow one with the birds. second is the orla kiley-like flowers. i like that they all sort of match without actually matching.

here's a japanese stoneware roundup if you're interested in starting your own retro collection, or just want one to put your sharpies in.

green japanese stoneware set by pinkshirtsandcarwrecks

soupmug with birds at simplychi

retro mugs with tulips, fish and birds at luciemae08

groovy stoneware soup mugs by dotdotdotshop

starburst mug by kultur 

mom and pop mug set by pinkshirtsandcarwrecks

leaves stoneware mug by kultur

block pattern mugs by skinnyandbernie


  1. these are great! i'm going to go check out your shop. first time here on your blog...i'm now your newest follower.


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