craft a day

you should already know by now that abbey has started up her wildly successful 20 in 20 project for the month of march. twenty crafts in 20 days, each up for grabs - head over to aesthetic outburst for your chance to win one of her little works of art every day! exhibit a: this set of geometric blocks. super cute, right?

pinkshirtsandcarwrecks handmade is proud to be sponsoring one of the 20 in 20 projects for march! i'll let you know when my sponsored craft is up. in the meantime, i hope you'll follow the daily 20 in 20 giveaways over at aesthetic outburst, and support my fellow sponsors.


  1. that's interesting, i'll def check it out!

  2. these blocks are so, so awesome!

  3. Libby! Thanks so much for the shout out!!! And thanks so much for sponsoring 20 in 20. xo, Abbey


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