cheer up!

pinwheel garage door snapped by pam garrison

i'm going to continue to whine about the bummer weather week we've been having in the upper midwest. no sun really effects (affects? i was an english major and i can never get this right) my mood, especially since i'm at home during the day without folks to talk to. so i thought i'd cheer myself up with some rainbow action. found all these via pinterest. without further adieu:

fire island home by alexandra angle interior design [via educate your sofa]

beach umbrella original photo by alice b. gardens photography

gene davis' street painting "franklin's footpath"  [via oh joy!]

baby ampersand by castle

maya hayuk barn piece [via thinkspace_gallery]

gift wrap [via paper crave] [via oh happy day!] [from more last minute knitted gifts]


  1. i did the same kind of curated post yesterday to cheer myself up. It must be in the air. I keep reading blogs by people who are on the west coast or in the south and their sunny skies are making my brown eyes blue. Lets cross our fingers and hope for better weather soon!

  2. Loving all the pretty colors!

    Camila F.


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