more sky than sand

i've always been enamored with the idea of moving to the american southwest. i haven't spent too much time there - i've been to phoenix, vegas and zion national park. have yet to see the grand canyon! but i've always loved georgia o'keeffe's story and used to read natalie goldberg and think, "ah, i want to go to the desert and make art!" i think marfa, texas would be a great road trip destination. i studied donald judd and love his (paraphrased) quote about giving things room to breathe:

"the space around an object is just as important as the object itself."

[prada at night photo via pagog]

15 untitled works 1980 - 1984 by donald judd / chinati foundation

photo by jonathan percy on flickr

no place like here: marfa, texas from etsy on vimeo.

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