playing in the dirt

garden gear cards, set of two for $5
i'm into all things planting this year - last year i just experimented with the flower beds and got to know my new backyard. this year i'm expanding a little, but still taking it slow. i wish i could be out in the dirt all day! loving these illustrated garden accessories by heidi over at red cruiser. cute and practical. i'm very new at this whole gardening thing, so i'm trying to let it flow instead of virgo-ing it up and stressing myself out. but i do think it pays to be a little bit organized. check out the rest of her shop, too.

seed saver envelopes, set of six

seed packet holder sets of three, large and small

garden journals, set of three


  1. thanks so much for posting about my garden stuff! how is your garden this year?

  2. You're welcome! Well this year definitely was a good learning experience and the garden is pretty meager. Spinach and basil for supper tonight was a treat! I planted everything too late, so I'm just now enjoying my few veggies. I think next year will be bigger and better for sure - how about you?


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