turkish delight

guess where i'm going at the end of july?! mexico! two good friend's birthdays (one is turning the big 3-0) are that week and we're taking a trip to celebrate! i've never been on a beach vacation before (nor to mexico - my spring breaks were pretty lackluster), so a few days in the sun at an all-inclusive resort sounds like heaven.

i might have to get one of these hand woven organic turkish beach/bath towels for the trip. they're hand made in turkey with varying types of peshtemal patterns. i'm drawn to the greys but the bright colors would be so great on the beach. which would you pick? available at all organic textiles.

//edit// i ended up picking this one: royal green diamond peshtemal. it's great and graphic, and i'll pick up a grey twin for it when he weaves the next batch in july. playa del carmen, here i come!

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