1000th post: pinkshirtsandcarwrecks favorites

maybe 1000 posts doesn't sound like many, but it seems like a good milestone to me. instead of carry on as usual today, i did a little blog reflecting and sifted through my archives (going back to 2007). what a trip down memory lane! my style and perspective have definitely changed (or evolved -i hope) over the past four and a half years. a little embarrassing to look back at when i first started (posts are super wonky since the format change, pictures have disappeared, terrible photography, links are dead, etc. etc.) but also fun to see the progress and rediscover some gems. it is so hard to choose but here are a few of the things i like the best from pinkshirtsandcarwrecks history. perhaps you'll find something new to you. thanks for reading my little blog along the way! i can't tell you enough how much i appreciate your support.

argentinian rail tickets, posted in march 2010

landschaft mit haus series, posted may 2010

san fran house tour, posted february 2008

fulvio rumiti, posted april 2008

ron van der ende, posted november 2010

specimen slides, posted november 2008

photo by the sartorialist, posted august 2008

selby house tour, posted september 2008

organized kitchen drawers, posted november 2010

butch cassidy and the sundance kid, posted november 2010

bedford post inn, posted november 2009

federal art project posters, posted june 2010

paul octavius, posted march 2010

mary emma hawthorne, posted march 2009

sanna annukka, posted december 2009

retrofuters, posted march 2011

lovely design, posted march 2007

rob ryan, posted april 2007

crayola factory, posted august 2009

sony commercial, posted january 2009

erin jang for msl, posted april 2011


  1. What a nice idea to make a compilation. Great picks! Congratulations, your posts are really inspiring. Let´s make a 1000 more!


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