vintage book review | 50s mn tourism booklet

as a collector of vintage books and ephemera, i love old photography and design. case in point, this tourism booklet from the 1950s. touting minnesota as ultimate vacation land, the lithographed book has great style and a little kitsch. because i grew up not far from itasca state park, i especially like the photo of the gang at the headwaters of the mississippi (fourth from the top). and astrology must've been all the rage back then - would the tourism board incorporate that into their vacation brochures today?

you can snap this mn vacation booklet up over at the vintage shop.

plus: this reminds me of kodachromes.

speaking of the northcountry - i'm heading up for my 10 year high school class reunion today. has it really been that long? i can't believe it. how about you? did you go to your reunions - high school or otherwise?


  1. Ahhh, good ol' Minnesota! Can't wait to get up to the north country in 3 weeks! Enjoy your HS reunion. :)

  2. Thanks Bobbi, it went well! Have a great vacation up there!


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