vintage swimsuits

vintage swim ladies make me want to go to the beach! i have the day off today, maybe i'll bring a book and head a few blocks over to the lake.

[all via saltykisses (i've been going through her archives - great tumblr). let me know if you know the credit for the above image.]

marilyn monroe photographed by joseph jasgur, 1947

sunbaking in miami photographed by lisa larson, 1956

gingham swimsuits, 1954

photograph by serge balkin, 1950s

hilda by duane bryers

fun in the sun german postcard, 1958


  1. I'm loving all this vintage swimwear! I wish they made swimsuits now that looked like that :) It's been so hot here this weekend, I just want to lounge on the beach with a book too! :)

  2. I know! I didn't get to the beach yesterday and today is shaping up to be busy. There's still plenty of summer left, though!


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