all the buildings in new york

it's my birthday today! i took the day off and have been relaxing with coffee and yesterday's crossword. i demanded birthday donuts for breakfast. later i'm going to lunch + pedi with a friend, then try to sneak in my favorite thing to do: thrifting! dinner out with my man tonight, too. hooray!

i've wanted to post about james guliver hancock's all the buildings in new york project for awhile. love his illustrations, especially on the wood panels. what an undertaking! check out his portfolio, too.


  1. Happy Birthday, Libby! May your day be filled with beautiful doodles and tasty... noodles?

    oh man, that rhyme got away from me.... anyhwooo, have a great day!

  2. Thanks Sam! Pretty much every day is filled with tasty noodles - my birthday was no exception!


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