messy spilling home

i first discovered sabrina ward harrison's work via her first book at a very pivotal time in my own young life - the last years of high school - and followed her career all throughout college. her approach to art and life profoundly affected my own, and along with many of her readers, taught me a lot about how life is messy and that's okay. i still often need to be reminded to slow down and put things into perspective like she does through her beautiful mixed media work and vulnerable writing.

sabrina's silver lake house tour was posted on apartment therapy today and it's everything you'd imagine. if you're familiar with her it won't surprise you that her self proclaimed "fort style" home is colorful and delightfully hodge-podge - she says you should "create spaces you truly love to be in." while my style certainly differs, it's refreshing to see a live/work space that isn't perfectly put together.

i especially love the confetti on her front steps and the long written piece draped down her hallway ceiling.


  1. Ditto about Sabrina. Love her home x a billion.

  2. One of the million reasons I love the blogosphere, I have her first book and just adored it. I had no idea what had become of her. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your blog and like I always say there IS ENOUGH for all of us to be successful.


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