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chris adamiak

have you heard of the project called the burning house? people from around the world submit a photo of their answer to one question: if your house was burning, what would you take with you? i love how each photo is literally a snapshot of each person's life and priorities.

i submitted a photo yesterday - i'll let you know if it gets posted. i have to say walking around my house, taking inventory of all my stuff, was a sobering experience.  i wouldn't need much of anything. of course there were a handful of items i'd be crushed if i never saw again, but all in all things can be replaced. i highly recommend this exercise: physically taking what you would need and putting them together in a pile. what would you grab? you might find you're more practical rather than sentimental or vice versa.

here are some of my favorite submissions to the burning house:

james oliver lamont fox

jennifer maree rouse

kasia lisiak

kim holtermand

laura pritchett

leila peterson

luca cavallaro

luca mairini

nate luke

peter buchanan smith

bethany marcial

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