do or don't: braided rugs

farmhouse bedroom how-to at apartment therapy's marketplace
what do you think about braided rugs? in a lot of places they look too dated, though some part of me still likes them out of nostalgia. but if done right, they can still make a room. recently, i inherited a big neutral toned braided rug and was skeptical at first, but have really found that it's softened up a room that i was having a hard time "settling" since renovating our little house. as the dude says, it really ties the room together, man. 

cute and cozy multi-colored cabin rugs

zippy blue braided rug from costal living (check out that floor, too)

target practice in an 80's farmhouse

an outdoor rug from wayfair

a bright white braided rug looks fresh

a handmade rug by the fabled needle
+ a faux braided rug
+ l.l. bean makes a classic

1 comment :

  1. i am not usually attracted to them, but i'm in love with the way it looks in the outdoor setting!



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