found recently

i always share vintage finds that are listed in the shop, but i thought i'd post a few things i've unearthed and charmed by enough to keep them for myself. i'm a collector after all. i found this minnesota twins matchbook at a juicy estate sale last weekend south of the twin cities.

i love this because:

i'm a twins fan (of course). things with a regional connection are always a little bit nostalgic. it means more to me than it would to someone in rhode island with no ties to the upper midwest. but it might mean more to a baseball collector in a different way than it does to me.

it's also in such good shape. the cardboard is stiff, there aren't any creases and only a little surface wear. plus the matches are still inside, which completes the package. i actually love that two matches were used - in that way, i can tell it wasn't found with 100 others fresh out of the box, it was actually saved and preserved by an actual baseball fan. that makes it a little more unique to me.

another plus is that i know what year it is from: the 1970 home game schedule is printed on the inside. often you can't accurately date an item without in depth research.

lastly, i love it because it's a little piece of american advertising. vintage matchbooks are easy to find because everybody printed them back in the day. matchbooks were better than business cards because smoking was the norm. easy advertising.

who knows, maybe it'll end up in the shop someday. (that's the beauty of having your own vintage shop.) but most likely it'll be a part of my personal collection for quite some time.


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