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a little diversion today! jessica from arcadian lighting contacted me about doing a guest post for pinkshirtsandcarwrecks and i thought it'd be a fun experiment. so, without further adieu...

Hi there! I'm Jessica. I write for Arcadian Lighting, a blog and website featuring the latest interior design ideas and providing a huge selection of affordable light fixtures to choose from. I'm happy to be guest posting for pinkshirtsandcarwrecks today because I'm going to be sharing a few interiors that showcase graphic designs. A simple way to modernize any room is to add a few pieces of graphic art or typography. I hope you enjoy!

Taking a cue from this art studio, a bedroom or living room wall would look amazing with a collection of abstract art. The stark colors and graphic patterns create a dynamic and eye-catching accent wall.

   Graphic Art
The more feminine art work in this living room goes perfectly with the bright pink and blue accents. A single image helps keep the room feeling light and airy. The ceramic lamp is a beautiful shade of blue, matching the little table beneath it.

  Graphic Art
textiles by lindsey lang via decor 8

An incredibly easy way to incorporate graphic patterns into your home design is with pillows. These chic pillows by designer Lindsey Lang add color and interesting shapes to any room. If you ever need a change of scenery, simply switch out the pillows for something new!

  Graphic Art
I love the idea of using monograms in home decor; they add a lovely personalized touch to any room. These hand towels and the diamond patterned curtains make this lovely, fresh bathroom just a little more modern and edgy.

  Graphic Art
This New York city wallpaper instantly transports this room to another location and adds a definite spacious feeling.

  Graphic Art
from skona hem // photography by dan gordan, via design studio 210 // via pinterest

These framed prints turn the dining room into an art gallery. The unusual lighting fixture matches the industrial, minimal feel of an art gallery, as well. Do you use any graphic art in your home? Let us know! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for fresh design inspiration and perhaps even a quirky pendant light or two.

[a quick note from pinkshirtsandcarwrecks: if you know the original source of one of these images, please let me know and i'll correct the post!]

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