found recently: stamp set

Here's a favorite among my most recent estate sale finds: A 1940s American Sign Printer Rubber Stamp Set. I found it at the same place I unearthed the vintage Twins matchbook. Let this be the start of my new, once-in-a-while column I'm calling "Found Recently," about items I like so much I have to keep for myself.

I love this because:

Its graphics and typography (both on the box and on the stamps themselves) are phenomenal! What a cool piece of history. Vintage fonts have so much charm.

It's original box has such vivid colors, too. It was pretty dirty when I brought it home but easy to clean because of the coated cardboard. And what a nice surprise underneath the grime! It's hard to come by vintage packaging that is still so bright and hasn't faded.

The rubber stamps work like a charm, too! I used them to stamp names in red on Valentine envelopes this year for the gals at work. Love that drop shadow on the letters. And of course I always appreciate something vintage that looks pretty and  it's something I can actually use.

Plus, the box is in great shape and complete. It has the packaging structure to hold the stamps inside, the original instructions and all the pieces.  All the numbers are there along with bonus punctuation stamps! Something like this holds more value when it doesn't have missing pieces, and bonus points for any included paperwork a shopper would receive when buying this item new.

Even though the stamps have been used and show ink residue on the rubber and box, it is nice to know that someone actually enjoyed this. A lovely connection to the past and unique addition to my crafting arsenal.


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