We Jammin'

This summer my pal Germaine and I made the most delicious jam on Earth (yes, it's that good). We made Marisa McClellen's Vanilla-Rhubarb Jam with Earl Grey from her new book Food in Jars. It is dynamite! Not too sweet with real vanilla bean and a beautifully subtle earl grey note. I've been loving it on sourdough toast, English muffins, over Greek yogurt with granola and over ice cream - but it would be great with pork or with other savories, too. At dinner last night there was a genius suggestion: doughnuts with this jam as filling.

It was super easy to make and I love the Food in Jars small batch mentality. Get the recipe here and the book from a local bookstore in your town. We doubled the recipe to make 8 pints. All but one jar has been given away to appreciative bellies. I'm savoring this last jar. So good.

[all photos by pinkshirtsandcarwrecks]

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