Read Recently: An Object of Beauty

I'm in the middle of An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. The book spans the 1990s-2000s New York City art scene, taking you into the back rooms of Sotheby's and other galleries, sneaky art deals and a young woman taking advantage of it all. I haven't talked about art much since my college days, so it's a refreshing read. Which brings me to my next point: Art Inconnu is fun to sift through, a site chronicling works by little known or forgotten artists.

William Victor Higgins"Mountain forms II"
 Jean Jacques Henner,  "Effet noté après l'orage"   (1829 - 1905)
Maria Blanchard, "Still life with bananas" 1920

Lilias Torrance Newton"Self portrait" c.1929

Robert Spencer"The Silk Mill" 1912

Guido Cadorin"Supredo di S. Trovaso"

John French Sloan,  "Pigeons", 1910

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