Vintage for Valentine's Day

I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day. Whether you go big or small, I always say a vintage something makes the perfect gift. I just seems more thoughtful, like you found a diamond in the rough. I've got lots of vintage in the shop that'll say sweet nothings to your special someone. Going stag? No better time to treat yourself! Exhibit A: Koo-kitchy-koo Fruit Salad necklace (made in West Germany).

Sweethearts mug and ashtray, Classic Waechtersbach heart pattern.

May I have this dance? Great graphic album cover ready to frame. (And here's another, for young lovers).

Another way to say, "Owl love you forever." Jot a note on Miller Studios chalkware. (What a hoot!)

A red folio with notepaper and airmail envelopes for writing love letters.

You're the apple of my eye.

Lipstick red Vera Neumann silk scarf to punch up date night.

For your honey. So much more at my shop!

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