Collecting // Vintage Clocks

I've been spotting a lot of gorgeous vintage clocks out there in vintage-land lately. It just seems like you can't find gems like these in the States. Fantastic graphic clock faces mean they don't even need to work to look great on display, and I love the different typography on each one. Maybe the vintage clock is the new vintage camera - every shelf needs one.

From my recent favorites on Etsy:

A lime green Czech clock in the foreground // mint green German clock in the background // from Antiquissimo

Vintage Soviet clock called "Vitjaz" // CuteOldThings

Mint green German clock // Sunny's Vintage

Sevani clock made in the USSR // CuteOldThings

Zingy lime green twin bell alarm clock // from Hallder Vintage

Fantastic mint green bakelite clock radio // from The Little Biker (lots of great vintage here!)

Another Czech clock // Hallder Vintage (has lots of great vintage clocks!)

Rare Soviet Union clock that still works great // from Clockwork Universe (lots of gems here!)

Fantastic owl clock from Shanghai // from Cultural Pollination

Another Soviet Vitjaz clock // from CuteOldThings

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  1. Love the vintage feel those clocks have! I personally think you can't get any better than antique clocks.


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