Draper Residence

Mad Men S:5's  last episode was killer. Of couse, so is Don and Megan's apartment. I always watch the sets with a keen eye (since we've got lots of finds at both shops that could fit right in). I love how the show's prop stylists think not only about decorating trends in 1966 but about blending furniture from the show's recent past. Different eras come together, like the more traditional blue wingback chairs in the dining room, or the Persian rugs in the entryway, mixed in with mid-century modern everywhere else.

Side note: I sold a patio set like the one pictured above last summer at the Minneapolis shop (only it was black). AND I sold a vintage BBQ paper cup set to the Mad Men prop house from the online shop, but have yet to re-watch season 4 to see if it pops up).

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