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I'm a big fan of doing research on vintage finds before listing pieces in my shop. I like to know the history behind an object and learning about a process, company or an artist adds to my appreciation. While looking for more info on a Rörstrand china pattern (soon to be listed!) I stumbled upon Retro Pottery Net, an absolute gem of a vintage archive. Ray Gerrod has a passion for vintage ceramics his blog is an amazing resource when it comes to Scandinavian, British and Australian vintage pottery. The sweet piece above is a Laholm Sweden jar (available for purchase on Etsy). Here are a few more pieces that caught my eye:

Michael Andersen Denmark studio piece with lovely leaf pattern

Lovemose Graasten pitcher with cane wrapped handle

Kronjyden Nissen Relief coffee set

Portmeirion Magic City plate designed by Susan William-Ellis in 1966

John Garrett Australian studio pottery vase 

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