valentine's day giveaway!

//giveaway now closed//

well in the spirit of love, i'm doing my first pinkshirtsandcarwrecks handmade giveaway!

go take a peek at the options over at the shop, comment on this post with your color preference for a chance to win two heart mini pennants-on-a-stick. and to make it more interesting: tell me how you celebrate valentine's day.

we're not into grand gestures, so my man and i always make meatloaf topped with horseradish mashed potatoes in a heart shaped pan (no joke!)

giveaway open until next wednesday, february 9, i'll draw a name and pop them in the mail to the winner in time for the big <3 day.

edit:// just want to make sure it's clear that only one commenter will win! someone pointed out that maybe it wasn't so clear, so here i am clarifying :)


  1. YES! Fabulous blog and adorable pennants (peacock is totally my color).

    My V-day is simple: some sort of home-baked, heart-shaped dessert, bottle of wine, and snuggling with my boy. Simple is best!

    ps Jealous you are in MPLS...just moved away from there and miss it daily!

  2. I love the burgundy and gold pennants.
    (Your shop looks fabulous by the way)

    Hmmm, this will be my first Valentine's day as an real adult (21 on the 10th!), so I believe that's a great excuse for champagne!
    But since I don't know what I'm doing this year, I'll share my favorite Valentine's moment:

    I was probably in the 3rd grade, the siblings and I walked home from school because it was so close. When we got home from school, Mom had made each of us a mini heart-shaped pizza! It was awesome. (Thanks Mom!)

  3. each year, i make the hubs 14 little valentines, and he has one to open every day from feb 1 to the big day. he's not typically a craft aficionado, but he truly seems to enjoy my handiwork this time of year. i call him the Husbot, so there's always a little robot-themed one - this year it's tiny boy and girl robot magnets! BEEP.
    (ps; if i win, you pick the colors!)

  4. may i have the chocolate cake???? on v-day i eat chocolate guilt free. non stop. yum.

    i love the peacock :)

  5. I love the blue one ! I am not sure how I will celebrate Valentines day, perhaps dinner with my boyfriend?

  6. I really love Valentines day! Although I don't have a valentine, I make something special for all the people I hold dear in my heart. Sometimes it's home-made cupcakes, last year it was screen-printed valentines. Still don't know what I'm going to make this year...

    I love the blue and the charcoal!

  7. these are adorable! i love the burgundy and gold.

    for valentine's day, it is a tradition to make a heart shaped cake with my girlfriends from high school who were in my "intro to speech" class. the teacher used to give out red heart stickers to the best of the best speeches. she was quite intimidating, so we thought we would try to soften her glares with some chocolate and bright red frosting.

    we baked a cake and brought it into class and sat around talking and eating together. the teacher was feeling the love and gave us all red heart stickers, even though we did not have speeches to deliver that day. the cake was definitely the best of cakes, and every time we bake, we all deliver a little speech to remember the moment.

  8. so cute! the maroon & gold (go gophers) would be my choice since we're from MN and miss it! We starting dating when we were broke college students, and created a rule that our Valentine gifts had to be under $10 and hand assembled. Even though we are no longer broke or in college we still abide by the rule and look forward to seeing what the other created.

  9. I love pink and black. The more towards hot pink the better, so my hubby decided to bake me a cake for valentines, as we are on the broker side of life as of now. I think the gesture is so sweet, and will be yummmy. I saw the frostings he picked out, and decorations. He got pink food coloring to mix with the white frosting. Black can of icing and hot pink conversation hearts. YAY! Happy Early Valentines Libby!

  10. I almost forgot the best part from my other comment... He is baking it in the shape of a gold fish. hehe
    And if I were to win the darling pennants, I'd like black! Hugggles!

  11. I just discovered your blog/shop and love both of them! Your handmades are so cute - especially the pennants! My favorites are the peacock and charcoal!

    This valentines day, the boyfriend and I are road-tripping down to LA. There's nothing more fun than an open road, stuffing ourselves with snacks, and spending hours and hours laughing in the car. Oh, and Disneyland, of course.


  12. Love them all! It's a three way tie between dark blue - burgandy and gold! :)


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