year of the metal rabbit

vintage bowtie bunny earrings from chica123
chinese new year started yesterday and 2011 is the year of the rabbit! and not just any rabbit, but the metal rabbit. i didn't know what any of this meant so i did a little research:

if 2010 felt like a roller coaster (it did for me!) it was so because it was the year of the tiger. with the rabbit, this year brings calmness and tranquility and a much needed break from all the ups and downs of last year. "the rabbit is everything the tiger is not." but since this year's element is also metal, there should be a little contradiction to the rabbit's easy going quality. self indulgence is a theme this year, but be careful not to give into too much temptation. enjoy yourself, take advantage of opportunities, seize the moment and follow your dreams - good advice for any year, i think.

check out these two articles for more information:
year of the metal rabbit and 2011 animal horoscope predictions. if you're into that sort of thing. and maybe pick one of these up to celebrate the year of the metal rabbit:

vintage dansk rabbit paperweight from sweartomod

vintage brass hare from sosovintage

vintage pewter bunnies from oldfactory

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  1. Darling. I too am ready for some peace and tranquility.


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