homemade butter

i'm feeling like all signs are pointing to homemade butter lately. was browsing through kiss my spatula (new to me) and found a homemade butter recipe, then remembered d*s just posted a small measures column on making your own butter, and i just listed a vintage book in my shop that has a chapter on natural dairy products. steve will think i've gone off the deep end, but making organic butter seems pretty straightforward. has anyone tried it?

[top two photos by kiss my spatula / recipe]

[photo by ashley english for d*s / recipe]

[photo by the hungry mouse / recipe]

[photo by pinkshirtsandcarwrecks / vintage craft book]

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  1. i made a butter for thanksgiving last year that was flavored..but was just mixing things in to regular butter...not so much organic! but i like the idea of this..


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